The bank account

It is a simple concept. It is so basic that it doesn’t even register. The bank account. We all have one or more of them. You make deposits. You make withdrawals. You check the balance. You measure what you have. Enough for a rainy day? Enough to buy that special gift? But what if it […]

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Only if….

Only if. Those words are heard so often as time winds down. Only if …is usually followed by… I had done… Or hadn’t done… Or wasn’t so afraid to try…or said what had to be said…or let the nonsense slide away…or…well you get the drift. Only if are usually words of regret. So how about […]

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Hour of the Wolf

Time has always fascinated me. It is so precious and yet so many put it in the back seat as they focus on less important things. Yet, time is the one asset that can never be duplicated or replaced. Each moment could be the last with that special person. The last hug. The last kiss. […]

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A safe harbor

There are times when the winds of change are howling or life is just tossing you unwanted situations to deal with. Let me suggest that in life there are times when you might feel adrift. Lost. Untethered. Create your own safety secure harbor. Create the safe place that you can go to in order to […]

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The challenge and the adventure

The challenges are always there. They come in many forms. Some forms may even look inviting, at first. But then you realize you are face to face with the latest hurdle. Maybe health. Maybe family. Maybe …fill in the blank. ¬†At this point you either see the challenge as the next adventure in your journey […]

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The flight through what matters

The flight yesterday from Miami to Denver was bumpy, rough, long, and intense at moments as the plane bounced around. Then as we circled over Kansas we were told about delays because of weather but we had enough fuel to make the touchdown. It was dark, overcast and quiet on the flight. It is at […]

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The road

We all walk down this road. No way around it. The road may be long, windy, short, potholes, smooth , steep or flat. Usually it is a combination of all of those and more. We meet folks along the way. Some are friends for life and some for just a short part of the walk. […]

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No delays in the now

Gifts come in strange packages. We just have to be open to them. I missed my connecting flight from Denver to Birmingham. The Dallas connection didn’t happen by 1 minute. So the 8 pm flight is the flight to catch. 4 hours. Okay…4 hours. Wine, dinner, music, and people watching. A Sunday of watching the […]

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The ageless zone

Crossfit is an amazing answer to a long lingering question. How to stay healthy, focused and strong no matter the age. Exercise is vital, but Crossfit takes you to a different level. It is relentless in challenging you to push yourself beyond comfort. Beyond the zone of easygoing movements and into the zone of stretching […]

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Plow the field

There is this choice. A very personal choice. Choose to challenge yourself. Choose to risk failure in order to seize the dream….no matter the age or stage in life. A simple word. Choose. How often we compromise the choice. Why? Does it puzzle you? As we are here longer you would think that choice would […]

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