Hour of the Wolf

The clock ticks. So choices must be made. Decisions occur. Consequences result. Let go of the old…it is of no purpose. Release the successes and failures….they are in the book so to speak. Reframe and refine what you mean to you and what you want to mean to those who matter to you. Then just […]

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Who matters

Time has always fascinated me. Doesn’t it fascinate you? Time. Time is the fluid in which we travel. It is this body of water that we swim in as we go through our adventures during the day. As each moment ticks away it is gone forever. Yet while it is here we choose to be, […]

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A state of grace

There was a time when being gracious was a given. For some reason being gracious seems to have fallen on hard times. Winning with grace or losing graciously seems to be a lost art form. Maybe it has to do with having a moral compass. Maybe it has to do with having a noble sense […]

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Magic. Do you believe in it? I don’t mean magicians on TV or in shows. I mean real magic. When you consider it all, our life here is quite magical. Here we are. How did that come to be. The sun rises. The moon effects the tides. Yes, I know there are scientific explanations for […]

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Before. I remember before there were credit cards. You paid for what you bought right there. I remember before there was TV. We talked, read or listened to the radio. I remember before there was air conditioning in homes or cars. Before. Now we live in the “after” world. After all this noise and debt […]

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I had bypass surgery 6 months ago this coming Wednesday. 5 bypasses. I am back at crossfit challenging myself to be more. Testing the limits of healing and the body’s response. I am pushing forward. I realized once again that the gift is fragile. Yet the body and spirit are amazing. We are the ultimate […]

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Ageless. Timeless. Each day stands alone. Each day holds the promise of a chance to replay the hand you have been dealt. You can carry anger, fear, defeat forward or let it go. It is your choice. Can you learn the lesson and then move forward or are you locked into the same lesson over […]

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A question of character

It all comes down to a question of character. There is always the obstacle. There is always the fall. There is always a failure somewhere along the journey. But then even in moments of success and clarity when the hurdle is overcome, it is a question of character. The honorable, decent, gracious manner and style […]

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Giving each other a break

We have reached the point where we have to stop blaming, stop excusing, stop pointing fingers and give each other a break. This past week a friend suddenly passed away. A good decent smart caring person. But time does not stand still even for the good ones. It flies by and then you consider the […]

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I took the Harley out. Turned on to 119 heading to Golden. At Route 72 turned right into Coal Creek Canyon. It gets twisty at spots. Switchbacks and curves fill up the miles of riding. Turn right to get to Nederland. That is where I got off to grab some coffee before heading down the […]

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