The ageless zone

Crossfit is an amazing answer to a long lingering question. How to stay healthy, focused and strong no matter the age. Exercise is vital, but Crossfit takes you to a different level. It is relentless in challenging you to push yourself beyond comfort. Beyond the zone of easygoing movements and into the zone of stretching [...]

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Plow the field

There is this choice. A very personal choice. Choose to challenge yourself. Choose to risk failure in order to seize the dream….no matter the age or stage in life. A simple word. Choose. How often we compromise the choice. Why? Does it puzzle you? As we are here longer you would think that choice would [...]

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The if only choice

A good friend, who wrote a wonderful review of Hour of the Wolf, asked a question at dinner recently in Miami. Nothing like old friends catching up and enjoying the mutual history of the successes, failures and lessons that are life. Three friends toasting and realizing how fortunate we are. Yes, we all went through [...]

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The unassuming leader

His mind was made for things other than what he did. He was creative. He was witty. He was very smart…not just books but life smart. Yet, life had thrown him a curve ball. Between the depression and illnesses, he settled into the routine of 9-5 work at a factory type setting. Important work but [...]

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The hour glass

Let’s reframe it. Sit back. Turn off all the gadgets. Shut off all the noise. Enter the silence. The beautiful, lyrical silence. Then turn your attention to the hour glass sitting on the shelf in your mind. The sands in the hour glass. Each one makes a difference. Each piece of sand slowly at first [...]

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Before you go

Once before I go. Peter Allen. It is just the best. He was always a favorite of mine. Just totally present. The boy from Oz. Can you look back and accept the journey…flaws, errors, glorious mistakes, grand successes, foot in mouth, golden moments, laughter and tears…without regrets. Can you say you tried your best. You [...]

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The top

You’re the top! As I drove to run some errands…picking up the Triumph Scrambler…that was serviced, You’re the Top came up on the radio. Cole Porter’s joyful song. From a time long gone, it just hit the spot. Find it and listen to it. It will take you on a journey to a simpler time. [...]

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The improbable possible

In Hour of the Wolf, I write about the meaning of a single day. One day. Nothing more. Nothing less. And I write about not filling the day up with stuff, but rather, what is the meaning of one single day. Standing all alone. An empty vessel thst you choose to live in and fill [...]

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Experience your life

The question seemed simple enough. It was not complex. It could be easily understood. Yet, it caused those who heard it to pause. Reflect. Search. Look puzzled. Smile then try to answer. What are you doing with this crazy experiment that is called your life? Your life. Your one and only. You know the Hour [...]

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The gift that is the day

655. Really. 655 posts. That seems like a good spot to step back for a bit. I hope you look through the posts and revisit the ones that touched you the most. We are ageless. We are writing our story. I hope you comment on those that had and have meaning to you. Tell your [...]

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