Letting go and finding the sweet spot

What matters. What has meaning. What do you spend your time thinking about. What do you share. What do you hide. What would you give it all up for. What would you walk away from. What would make you stay.  What gives you peace. What ties you in knots. What does a day mean to you. What about a smile.

Today it was the sweetest message about love and loss and remembrance. There is a time for all of us. There is a season for the fresh  and new and a season for the tried and experienced. Each has it’s place. Each has meaning. Let go what has to be let go. Move forward without fear.  Never forget that we are all connected. Never forget to see the shadow of each of us in the other.

Today I let go. The  letting go brought me closer to the larger story. It was all getting to small. Only by letting go of the small could the larger story be told. Then the sweetest message came in. It was about love, loss and appreciation.  My friends who follow my ramblings bring me such inspiration.  Thank you.

Today, I let go. Some of you also let go. Welcome to the larger story.


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