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Tipping Points

The wheelchair rolled up to the toy store entrance but did not go in. The aisles were just too narrow and busy for it. He waited by the entrance. I don’t know why it caught my attention but it just did. His grandson ran out the store and yelled about a great toy he found […]

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Your Personal D-Day

D-Day. Here we are on June 6th again. That day of high drama, great hopes, shattering fears and both death and glory. Yet I always go back to each day. How each day we are faced with great hopes, fears, compromise and telling our story the best way we know how. On this special day, […]

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Sweat Knows No Age

The morning ritual. For us it is 6:30 am. Workout clothes on. First cup of coffee done. Water bottle filled. Johnny Cash on the radio….the Man In Black. Crossfit is waiting. An hour later, the sweat covers every section of our clothes. The water bottle is drained. You look like you just stepped out of […]

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