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The look up and out

Soul of the earth. That is what I call him.  I don’t know his name. I don’t know where he comes from. For years he has simply stood there, arms folded, looking out over the horizon. The blanket is covering his shoulders. He looks completely content. He looks completely whole. He gives me the sense […]

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Value and your word

What has value. What has worth. What brings meaning to your day.  It just seemed so clear to me.  It starts with good intentions. The words and deeds mean nothing without the good intentions. How often do we hear the right things said but we just know the positive intention does not back the words […]

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A child, a walker and a song

I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He was using a walker to get from the front door to his table in the restaurant. The younger woman with him was trying to help him but she seemed uninvolved.  It appeared to be the chore of the moment.  He just looked so sad […]

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The look back, change and a glass of wine

What does change look like.  What does change feel like.  Tonight it looked like and felt like a lone figure sitting at a corner table , back to the rest of the restaurant, facing a big floor to ceiling window over looking a lake. With the storm coming in the water was rough and the […]

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The final effort and the possibility

It was a tough one. Especially in the “box” , as we all lovingly call the Crossfit space, with the heat and humidity being at, what seemed to be, crazy highs. But there we were, the warriors of the morning. Rings dips. Snatches. Jumping rope. Squats and more. Over and over and over. As I […]

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A coffee and a smile

All she said was that it was good seeing me this morning. She had this big smile on her face. She said she just looked forward to me coming in to get the morning coffee. I smiled and thanked her for her kindness. That’s all. But it got me thinking about the simple kindnesses that […]

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An argument and a shrug

It  made no sense to me. I saw them arguing about something. I didn’t know them but they were arguing loud and in a public place. They each so much wanted to prove their point. It reminded me of some school yard kids squabbling in a sandbox over some plastic shovel. I walked by and […]

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A community of the ageless

Why? Why a community of ageless experiments. Why commit to being part of living outside of what is expected of you to do and living outside of other’s definitions of how you are supposed to behave. It just seems that with all the technology and fancy devises we are more disconnected then ever. Isolation is […]

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High noon and destiny

Sooner or later there is always a high noon. Sooner or later we must face that which causes us the most fear and sleepless nights. Sooner or later, the courage must be tapped into in order to walk down any street in your mind’s eye and know that the ability and courage to withstand the […]

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An ice cream truck and a wooden table

I remember the ice cream truck coming up the street with music coming from some loudspeaker . We rushed into the house to beg for 75 cents or a bit more if we wanted some special flavor of the day. We waited in line to ask for the treat and then took our time eating […]

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