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The hidden place

I remember the day we first saw her. She needed a lot of work. She was neglected. She needed attention and some family to really care for her. The kids were little then. She was so big and had all kinds of hiding places. We got Cheyenne then. This sweet golden retriever slowly took over […]

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The wave, the sea wall and the gift

The moment was powerful, awe inspiring, frightening and chilling. The two of us decided to take a morning walk on the beach. The storm was long past us but the ocean was still aggressive and the waves were bigger than we had seen in a long time. So my friend and I left the warmth […]

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The edge of discovery

The Razor’s Edge. What a great book. It was made into two movies. But it is the book that I revisit every few years. The story is deep and textured but, in the end, it is about the choices we all make in our lives. We find ourselves on the edge of decisions. We find […]

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278 in red

I found the hat. Ever just go crazy for some item that is meaningless to everyone else but hits you just right.  Nonsensical yet for some reason touches you somewhere you just can’t explain. For me it was this hat. Then I thought I lost it. Tonight it was found. Okay…I know not earth shattering […]

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A gentle gesture

It  was just so sweet. I mean really sweet. He held his hand out to help her, she took his hand and they held hands the entire way across the street.  Once across they thanked each other and went their separate ways. I watched as this simple moment played out. For some reason small moments […]

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The ageless bookshelf

It  kind of happened by accident. There was some planning but not really. It  just took shape over the years. As I sit in the den and look at the bookcase my eyes wander the collection of things placed here and there on the shelves. We all have those places. Those shelves. Those stories. A […]

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Lost or found

There is this barbed wire fence. It is built high. It is rolling barbed wire spun around wood posts and metal stakes. It is wide too.  Too wide to high jump over. A fall would place you in great harm’s way. The fence separates the present condition from the future possibility. It is there so […]

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The way we still are

We sat having our semi regular lunch.  Aren’t good friendships the best.  Easy. Simple.Relaxed. Open. Supporting. Fun.  Honest. Respectful and caring. After lunch we strolled over for our Starbucks drink. We sat and the conversation made its way to the great song…The Way We Were. The way we were. Well it got me thinking about […]

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A place beyond time

The twelfth of never. A place outside of or beyond or unrelated to time. It is a great song. For some reason I was and still am drawn to it. Simple. Beautiful.  Haunting. What is meaningful to you. What does unconditional devotion look and feel like.  It is a feeling beyond time and space. It […]

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Living outside of expectations

How did you spend your Sunday morning. What is your routine. Was it sleeping in? Was it the Sunday paper? A brunch?  Meeting up with friends for coffee? Sundays are great. There are so many possibilities. A long walk.  An early glass of wine.  For us it was our Crossfit Sunday.  Short,sweaty, exhausting, challenging and […]

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