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The frozen pony

The song has been on my iPhone for a long time. I think I first heard it in the 60s. I didn’t hear it though as a stand alone song. I remember hearing it as I watched the movie…The Strawberry Statement. We were in Cape Cod. It was at the time between law school and […]

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The sparkle in the eye

The best we can do is honesty try our best. No one can really ask more than that. With good intentions, without any other agenda than the noble effort, that is all that can be expected of anyone.  Yet, so often we see the opposite of that. Odd. Find your truth. Uncover your voice. Let […]

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The majesty of the subtle

What stays with you? What lingers with you? What causes you to pause and reflect?  What stops you in your tracks?   For me, it is rarely things. It usually is some observation. Some passing image. Some subtle movement.  It is the space between the words. The silence in the midst of noise. The look […]

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Pushing past the ordinary

As we finished the Sunday Crossfit , which included 90 wall ball shots along with bench presses, clean and jerks, handstand holds and a bunch of other exercises, I wondered why we do it…especially on a Sunday morning. Then I realized why. Passion. Passion for the day. Passion for our journey each day. Passion for […]

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The glue that connects the pieces

As we gathered for the memorial service for a friend who left us too soon, many friends spoke of what they felt they lost with this loss. All were heart felt and moving. Each told a personal story of the connection and the meaning of her life. Of all the wonderful thoughts expressed two things […]

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What would you fight for….

What would you fight for? What would you sacrifice for? What would you give it up for?  Who would you stand with? Who would you protect? Who would you put it on the line for? Although you may think these are merely rhetorical question, I submit they are not rhetorical at all. Each day we […]

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The now has arrived

I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t stop smiling. The packing was done. The movers had moved. The flight to and from was over.  And here we were…thanksgiving at Crossfit . The sweat was pouring down. What exactly is 57 jumping rope times 5 plus everything else. It felt so good to get the stress and […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving.  A day of expressing gratefulness. A moment to be appreciative of family and friends. A day to sit down and share both a dinner and great conversation. My favorite moment is to sit in the family circle and listen to the expressions of grace. Grace. What a great word. This year I […]

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One more dance

The song came on and took me away. Maybe it was the song, the email I just got a moment before the song came on  and the movers carrying all the boxes and furntiture in from the truck. I don’t know. But…well, it got me thinking…again. Dance with my Father Again was the song. It […]

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Entering the unwritten world

First, you have to believe. It starts with that. Then, you have to envision it. But belief and envisioning just goes so far. In the end, it requires action. Being and doing go hand in hand. How often do we just hear the chatter. The complaining. The what ifs. But there is no commitment to […]

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