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This year…find time to live

As we get ready for the new year I got thinking about how to really make this coming year more than the previous ones. It comes down to time and how we spend it. We always seem to find time for funerals, illnesses, sick days, bad news and so many negative moments. How about reframing […]

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Leaving it on the table

The question was asked innocently enough. In fact, it was almost said so matter of factly that you sensed that the answer was a given. But as each person began to answer it it was clear that it was anything but a given. I  wonder how you  would have answered the question. Or , after […]

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Shedding the moment in the moment

I read the book when it first came out. It captured me completely. But then I watched the movie. I never thought anyone could film this story but there it was.  Wonderful. Recaptures you as the book first did. It got me thinking about so many things. Storytelling in a grand way. Our personal storytelling. […]

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A reframing of the narrative

The saying  on the tee shirt said it all. It was perfect on so many levels. I mean there we were on Christmas eve morning, at Crossfit, working out doing the wall balls, ball slams, push presses, snatches and squats over and over and…you get the idea by now. But there we were refusing to […]

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Digging deep and spreading kindness

As the year winds down, I look back on 2012. What a year of change. Quite amazing how it played out. It didn’t start that way. But it sure is ending that way. Change. It just can’t be denied or avoided. It is a good thing. It prevents us from just phoning in our life […]

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A smile, a helping hand and time

You can’t go back. It’s that simple. You can’t go back in time. Oh, you can dream about the past. You can reflect on past events. You can wish time travel existed.  But you can’t go back. You can adjust and adapt to what happened. You can try to live with the choices made and […]

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Fight the madness

Madness. How else to describe it. Absolute madness. Not only the shooting. Not only the deaths. Not only the ages of the children. Not only the  devastating loss. But the helpless feeling. The hopeless feeling. The sense of lack of any rationality to it. How to respond. How to react. What to believe. A moment […]

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Fighting against the ordinary

An endangered species. Ever think about the endangered species. I am not talking just about certain animals that may have been put on some such list. But rather certain qualities in people that seem endangered these days.  We get so used to the mediocrity that we don’t even recognize the truly exceptional any longer. We […]

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The passing cars

I remember when I was very young, driving someplace with my parents and my sister, and my mom saying, as each car went by, that in that car was a story. She said, in each car , there was a story of successes, failures, health, illness, first moments and last moments. In each car there […]

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The living legacy

Well , I looked for one or more books that brings together my take on this improbable journey we are all on.  Although I found bits and  pieces here and there, I decided to see if I could put it down in one place. So  I started to write my story to see if it […]

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