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Be the good news

A little good news. That’s all I was hoping for. Not a lot of good news. I wasn’t going to be greedy about it all. Just a little would do the trick. But good news seems to be a rare thing these days.  Doesn’t it seem like everything has turned into just one bad reality […]

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Friendship in the day

Today. It seems to get a bad rap. We so often talk about what happened yesterday. We let it linger with us. Fret over it. Let yesterday live on when we need to let it go. We dream about tomorrow.  Yet, it is today that is real. It is this moment, this day, that calls out […]

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The magic of the ordinary

I just learned so much over the last few days. Well, maybe it was more like rediscovering part of myself. I learned to appreciate the things that we usually ignore or , even find annoying. But not over the last few days. You see the grandkids were visiting. Sweet and gentle souls. Excited about the […]

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A morning moment

It was 5 pull ups, 10 wall balls, 15 kettle bell swings. As many rounds as possible over a 20 minute time frame. Crossfit at its most basic and challenging. 9 rounds later there was about 20 seconds left. 20 seconds. Everything is relative. 20 seconds is so little a moment in time. Yet 20 […]

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The beach, a new day and a promise

What is it about a new year that gives us hope? I mean, it is just another day on the flipping of pages on a calendar and yet we pause. We celebrate. We pray. We reflect. We dream. We resolve. We believe. It is our craving to find a better way. An answer to a […]

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