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Ageless is the new mantra

Living agelessly simply means to not buy into calendars, clocks or numbers that try to pigeonhole you into some place that makes you feel less because you have been here more. Being here more only means that you have life experiences, wisdom, learned lessons that permit us to go bravely into the day. So what […]

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Your fellow traveler

What are the moments you will remember with love in your heart?  Most likely it will be the first of special times. That first …what?  Fill in the space with what it is for you. I have to believe that there are certain events that linger. But linger good. Bringing a warm glow to your […]

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Living the adventure now

Living in the moment. Focused on the now. Being committed to the very day. How hard is that to do? We seem to be always thinking about our next move. Our tomorrow or next week issue. Yet everything is happening in this one moment in time. Life is unfolding second by second. Can we simply […]

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Grace in Minnesota

What does grace look like. Today it was a young man in a temple in Minnesota presenting himself for his Bar Mitzvah. Graceful. Charming and full of joyful life. The possibilities of the day and tomorrow filled the air. The family beams and all seems right in the universe. In a world where the papers […]

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The box jump and taking flight

Saying it is one thing. Doing it is another. Trying to do it is fine but just doing it is the key. It is so easy to not commit. But there we Crossfit. This time it was wall climbing, toes to bar, weighted sit ups, hollow rocks but also the box jump. Such a […]

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The trapeze bar

We finished the 21-15-9 workout. Naturally, that was after the warmup and the strength set and before the post 100 sit ups.  As we headed out of the Crossfit box I saw the smiles on the athletes faces and the upbeat chatter. The music was still pounding in the background. What are you doing with […]

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The light spot found in the heavy weight

Crossfit and the meaning of a single day. The question keeps swirling around about why this program is so intoxicating. It can’t be just the workout. Yes, it is varied, challenging, different each day, fun and exhausting at the same time  but it has to be more than that. It comes down to a question […]

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The small moments that define a day

You couldn’t help but cry. It was painful to watch yet you couldn’t look away. A father talking about his beautiful child shot down. The pain and loss was jolting to your mind, spirit and soul. He spoke of the “little things”. The morning ritual of breakfast. The hug and gentle pat on the back. What […]

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