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Passion, time and motorcycles

The Triumph Scrambler turned onto Lookout Road. The Rocky’s lay before me. The air is crisp. The sky is blue. The bike is humming the way life should hum…smooth, gentle but strong. What exactly is passion?  What does ageless mean? Why a motorcycle?  They are all connected.  A motorcycle says you are still risking in […]

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Amazing effort

What is beauty? What is timeless beauty? Today, it was a Crossfit workout that challenged both of us to exhaustion. Jumping rope. Kettle bell swings. Jogging. Rowing. Hand stand pushups.  Pull ups. Burpees. Squats. So what is timeless beauty? The effort. The climb. The strain. The sweat. The refusing to give in to wanting to give […]

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Hour of the Wolf

We are getting close to the book release. We are in design. Front cover picked. Back cover done. It is a story about the value of a day. The search for the meaning of a single day. A single day. Not some birthday or anniversary special occasion day, but your regular every day day. Can […]

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Seconds….cherish seconds

The Crossfit WOD took all there was out of all of us. At the end the floor was covered with sweat. The shirts were soaked through. The muscles were aching. The feeling was totally used up. Totally used up. Whatever you are doing be totally used up. Used up is a good feeling. Tapping into […]

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The peak awaits you at any age

The peak. Don’t think that there is a time restriction on reaching it.  Some hit the peak early, while others hit their stride much later. And some can hit it again and again as they challenge themselves in new ways. So don’t believe that the peak is behind you. Don’t think that there is an […]

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The mountain and the valley in a life

We reached the top of the ridge on the way from Niwot to Crested Butte. At that moment the valley opened before us. A valley of snow. A valley of horses. A valley of nature. Then the drive back up the mountain. Both the mountain and the valley have their own beauty. It got me […]

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Your season in time

What if we could simply be like nature. There are seasons. There is renewal. There is a time to rest. A time to grow.  A logic to it all. One season is no better or worse than the next one. Each is unique in its own way. Spring has its place but so does winter. […]

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Blue sky, blue water and kindness

Where does kindness come from?  Why do some just understand the beauty of giving of their time and effort to help another without any payback in sight, while others are always acting in the exact opposite way. Kindness is such a great quality to have. It makes the rest of the day easy. It lifts […]

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Hour of the wolf…an experiment in ageless living

Hour of the Wolf…An Experiment in Ageless Living. The book is being finalized and getting ready to come out. What does the title mean?  The hour of the wolf is the 2-3 am time of night. The darkest time. The witching hour. The midnight mind. The time to come to terms with the choices made, […]

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