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Full throttle

Passion and Crossfit. The two go together. Passion and…fill in that thing that you do that challenges you to be all of you in the moment. Not phoning life in but participating in your personal journey and story. Today it was 50-40-30-20. Wall balls-box jumps -kettle bell swings-deadlifts….then of course rowing…and ,of course before all […]

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Life on a motorcycle

The snow covered the mountain ranges. It was the end of May, but the snow still glistened in the afternoon sun. The motorcycles rode from Boulder to Lyons to Raymond to Nederland to home. What is life without adventure? What is life without risk?  What is life without passion? What is life without the challenge? […]

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Hour of the Wolf/An Experiment in Ageless Living

Hour of the Wolf/An Experiment in Ageless Living…is out and is being received with open arms.  Only by living in the moment, living in the now, can we live our full potential. The wolf resides in the dark zones. So let the light shine in on your life and your journey. Look up and out. […]

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The meaning of you

As I wandered the art museum two words drilled themselves into me…life statement. Think about it. What is your life statement. What are you standing for. What are you refusing to accept. What do you want to mean in the end. What is the statement of your life. That is all right now. Consider it. […]

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Hour of the Wolf is now

Hour of the Wolf/An Experiment in Ageless Living….is now available on Amazon. It is Kindle friendly. I hope it resonates with you. I want to thank all my friends who kept telling me to “write the book.”  Please let me hear from you. We need to have a conversation about living our lives outside of […]

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A march of decency

We are not promised anything. We are not guaranteed anything. We wake up and the opportunities , the challenges and the possibilities await us. We then choose. We then react. We then act. We then respond. But it comes down to our good intentions. So much of what we see and hear today is so […]

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A sledge hammer and the effort

Crossfit was about a sledgehammer and a truck tire. 100 swings. Just that basic. But so much of getting things done are basic.  Just showing up, grabbing the situation…here a sledgehammer… And making the honest effort. Think about it. How often do you see folks just not even trying. They give up on the challenge […]

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