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The hero awaits

While you have been doodling with your time here, have you heard whispers in the night? During the midnight hours have you heard sounds that seem familiar? Is it the sounds and images of your life that was, is, and still can be? Sometimes I feel that we have just bought into the whole charade. […]

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An inside job

It is a question of passion. It is a question of commitment to passion. Passion for your time here. Passion for your experiences here. Passion for the day and the promise each one holds. Passion for those who matter to you. No one can bring passion for your life to you. It is an inside […]

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Connecting to the step beyond doubt

The connection between Crossfit and motorcycles is that you must be in the moment. You must commit to your story and your adventure. You need to be present in the now. Risk is part of it. Pushing beyond your comfort zone is part of the day, if you want to live to your full potential. […]

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A fresh start

Isn’t it time to call a halt to the nonsense. You know the nonsense. Arguing just to argue. Disagreeing just to disagree. Watching really bad TV. Spending money on unhealthy food. Not being true to yourself. And the list goes on and on. Isn’t it time to embrace the common sense. The kindness that we […]

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Your day to explore

Part of living agelessly is being brave enough to drop the mask. The mask of being something you are not. Or trying to please another by not being true to your own moral code and compass. How good it must feel to embrace the authentic you. It frees you up to tape into your full […]

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The test on the edge

The Triumph turned up the mountain road. I kept an easy speed as the bike glided through the back roads on this mountain day. Everything counts at moments like this. Two wheels, speed, twists and turns, gravel here and there and signs that show switchbacks that challenge the rider. You wouldn’t have it any other […]

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A moment of possibility

Swimming in change. No, immersed in change. Life plays a trick on us all. It makes us live life forwards but it only makes sense backwards. We live life in real time. Making decisions as best we can with the information, emotions and instincts at the moment. What other choice is there. We must act […]

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Hour of the Wolf…the day is the adventure

Hour of the Wolf/An Experiment in Ageless Living now has its own page on It gives you easy access to the theme of the Wolf , examples of reviews, and connection to amazon and Barnes and Noble for purchase. Let’s reframe this journey. The meaning of a single day. The purpose of your journey. […]

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Your destiny is in the stars

You have to fall. There is no other way. There has to be the fall. That is part of the story. Your story. The fall is where the bruising takes place. The fall is where the lesson is learned. Whether the fall is an actual fall or a betrayal or some other moment of total […]

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The absurd beauty

What exactly is the endgame? After all is said and done, what is the point that it all leads up to?   I ask you to just think about it. Reflect. Consider. Step back. Sit down and just think before you do something you will regret. Before you do something that will not make you […]

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