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Personal best …every day

The words “personal best” stuck with me. We were at Crossfit and hit two personal bests. Back squat at 165 lb and snatch at 90 lbs. But the words stayed with me. Why not in every effort go for your personal best. Test yourself. Challenge yourself. Push yourself. Your life must be going on all […]

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One day…nothing else

3,650. Just think about that number. It is finite. Clear. Easy to understand. If it were in countdown mode, tomorrow there would be 3,649. So next time you think about 10 years consider it in days. 10 years is 3,650 days. Now how do you choose to spend it? What are you going to cherish? […]

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The authentic one

I stood before the congregation to reflect on the meaning of a life. One life. One journey. One story. One lesson. You see my friend was an endangered species. Authentic. Genuine. Decent. Comfortable in his own skin. Thoughtful and kind. Wanting to see others succeed. Humble in his accomplishments. I asked what is a legacy. […]

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Don’t wait to celebrate

It has been a difficult time in dealing with the loss of a dear friend. I know that it is inevitable. I know that time is an illusion. I know that sometimes it feels like we are just on some big anthill scurrying in and out and up and down, but then you meet one […]

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Your own best friend

Good friends. Really good friends. Not acquaintances. Not business related. Just good friends who know the successes, failures, highs, lows, great moments and saddest times and are there with you. No judgments. No speeches. No told you so. Just present with you and being there. But here is the next question…can you be your own […]

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Embracing the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf/An Experiment in Ageless Living….will be kindle free on August 5,6,7. It is an opportunity to read and share the philosophy of ageless living. Being the hero in your life story. Realizing that there is no expiration date on dreams. This is my ode to the ongoing adventure thst is our unfolding […]

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An endangered species…the genuine one

My friend was unassuming. My friend never called attention to himself. He didn’t have to. His mind, spirit, intellect and capacity to cut through the nonsense and arrive at the core of any issue was so clear and pure that simply being in the moment resulted in his command of any situation. I loved to […]

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Be joyful…even in the unknown moments

You step into the unknown. You want to believe that you control events in your life but best you can do is respond to events as balanced as possible. But the unknown each day awaits us all. Hour of the Wolf delves into the journey into the daily unknown. Each day opens itself up to […]

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