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The book of your life

The day comes when the book is found on your nightstand. You open it up and each page is blank. The age that you find it differs from person to person. But sooner or later the book is found. An empty book. Each page blank. Yet, the time will come when each page is filled. […]

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Time and the flipping coin

In Hour of the Wolf, I write about the flipping coin. The randomness of events in any day,turning left or right, and good or bad things happening in a split moment. The coin is constantly flipping. So then what is the lesson of this coin toss? The day matters. Each moment is relevant. The only […]

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The words you want to hear…

What words don’t seem to be used or heard in general conversation that you so want to hear. If these words were used you have to believe the day would just be brighter, lighter and plain better. Think about it and then find ways to use these words. Live these words. Share them too. Here […]

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Disconnect and rediscover

Let’s try it this way…today, just stop what you are doing or planning to do and literally stop. Stop the phone. The laptop. The emails. The texts. The …whatever. It is Sunday and it is time to sit in a quiet place. Contemplate. Meditate. Turn off the noise. Make a hot cup of coffee or […]

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Look up and find your life

We looked up. That was it. We just looked up. It was night. It was dark. It was chilly but not cold and we looked up. The night sky was filled with stars. It goes on forever. Earth is just one other dot in the tapestry that we know as the universe. The universe. Massive. […]

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The new day beckons

The movie Gravity is such an amazing experience. The theme of rebirth runs through the entire story. Rebirth. As we live our lives each day, we are given the opportunity to reframe the story. The ability to begin again. The need to revisit decisions and adjust the path. As I write in Hour of the […]

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The adventure that is our life

We sat on the floor at sunrise at the Buddhist monastery outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Four traveling friends and the monk who performed the water blessing over us. The water blessing…bestows a calm and purifies the body and soul. I felt the water splashing across my face. The monk then dipped the white string […]

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5 decisions…5 choices…begin

5 decisions. 5 choices that will decide your destiny and legacy. But you must make them. If you will do that you open the door to living without regrets. Living to your full potential. As is discussed in Hour of the Wolf, take the time to choose. And choose wisely. 1. Health…Decide that you matter. […]

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