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A friend throughout time

You just never know. You start the day making right turns and then a left turn finds its way in and everything changes. As I write in Hour of the Wolf, life is a constant flipping coin. You make decisions, make choices but everyone else is doing that too. Or a half a inch here […]

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A mindfulness moment

Mindfulness. Seeing the larger picture of a life. Being present in the moments that matter. How did it happen that acquiring stuff has taken on such a predominant place in our world? Stuff? Really? In the larger story, it is relationships. It is kindness. It is decency. It is enjoying the universal simple moments in […]

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The new adventure

Some times it is so easy to get lost in the feeling that we are just going through the motions. Add to that some folks who are negative energy and you may feel really lost or lonely. Don’t buy into that. Make a pact with yourself. Enter into a sacred agreement with yourself that you […]

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The morning light

The sun has broken through. The super cold has lifted. The snow is melting. Life is just like that too. Don’t be dragged down by the difficult. By the coldness of others. By the critics of the slightest flaw. The sun will break through. It is the nature of life and the cycles of a […]

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Destiny and legacy

Resolutions. New Year resolutions. Each year as the first day of the new year arrives, you make a list. What bad habit you want to break. What good things you want to accomplish. Last year we cut so many strings. We released the safe and secure and entered the unknown and uncertain. But maybe, just […]

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