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The gift that is the day

655. Really. 655 posts. That seems like a good spot to step back for a bit. I hope you look through the posts and revisit the ones that touched you the most. We are ageless. We are writing our story. I hope you comment on those that had and have meaning to you. Tell your […]

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The gift of nature

Nature is not stressed out. Nature just is. It has no agenda. It doesn’t hatch plans, have some hidden agenda. It is pure and as fresh and new as it was on day one. The wind. The rain. The sun. The clouds. Just are. It has power when it has power and rests when it […]

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You can feel it in the air

You can feel it in the air. You just know when it is present. It can’t be described except in terms that are so over used for all the wrong reasons but when it is present it makes you feel better again about our chances to get it right and tell a beautiful story of […]

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Don’t be too busy to live your life

Busy. Thst word seems to be the new mantra. I am busy. Too busy to call a friend? Too busy to be with those who matter? Busy doing what? Busy on what? As your life spins away and time slips by what are you spending it on? Is it something that matters so thst you […]

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The lesson of loss

Loss. The emptiness. The place where someone stood or sat is vacant. The call. The voice. The shared histories and moments of joy and sadness. Relationships are all part of the stories of a life. As I work my way through these losses I keep thinking how fragile and precious each moment is. How we […]

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Those who make it better

Over the last year, I lost two dear friends. One by illness and one through a tragic accident. As I reflect on both friends, I think about what made them special. They were both comfortable in their own skin. They loved to help. They wanted to hear all the news from their friends. With the […]

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