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The edge

Sometimes it feels like you walk the edge. Close to tipping. Sometimes it feels like the country itself is on the edge. The country itself is close to tipping. Yet I know that my friends are all decent caring thoughtful people. So we have to remember this as the days unfold.  Sometimes we have to […]

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The flipping coin

It is all a flipping coin. Every day. Every moment. All these coins are flipping in the air. The randomness of life and choices and events colliding. All we can do is  stay focused. Establish core beliefs. Have faith in who we are and trust our better judgment. For me the keys are being centered, […]

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Hour of the Wolf

Keep in mind that no one gets out of life alive. That is the reality.  Sooner or later that truth is front and center.  Then you start appreciating the gift of the moment.  The days keep racing by. No stopping them from doing that. The hour of the wolf is your wake up call to […]

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