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The whirlpool

There are times it feels like a whirlpool. It is an out of control pulling down and tossing around sensation that seems beyond reason and logic. Hope seems lost in the mix. It all feels reactionary. But then you connect with one person who extends a hand. Someone who has a calm présence. The why […]

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The mask

In Hour of the Wolf I write about the mask that so many wear throughout the day or even throughout their life. The false front. The coverup of the truth. The unauthentic. After a while the mask covers up honest communication. The mask permits many to live in a world of hurt and harmful conduct. […]

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Courage in uncertain times

I have been writing about courage in uncertain times. The only way to meet today’s challenges is to have a brave heart. The hero’s journey requires courage. We are living in days of uncertainty.  Between natural events or manmade crisis of one sort or another we find ourselves questioning the very fabric of who we […]

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