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The holidays

If you think about it, the holidays give you the gift of family, friends, sharing and acts of kindness. Then the question is joined….why can’t you treat each day like a holiday because ….each day is!  It is the first and last of its kind.  So celebrate your life on each unique day. Why save […]

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A statement

Never before is a personal mission statement required. A  clarity of your meaning. Your purpose. Your why. What you stand for. What you won’t permit.  When everyone else is angry or lost or feels helpless connect to your positive position of life.  A statement.

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Be here now.

You look up at the mountain. You look out over the sea. You gaze as the sun is rising or setting.  Then it finally hits you… the mountain, the sea, the sunrise and sunset need no explanation. They need no help in getting their point across. They simply are perfect just as they are. And […]

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