278 in red

I found the hat. Ever just go crazy for some item that is meaningless to everyone else but hits you just right.  Nonsensical yet for some reason touches you somewhere you just can’t explain.

For me it was this hat. Then I thought I lost it. Tonight it was found. Okay…I know not earth shattering but sometimes you just need that comfort thing…or comfort food…or comfortable shirt…or …well you get the picture. I am sure you have that one thing that just makes you feel good at a stressful time.

Back to the hat. 278 is printed on the front in red numbers. The hat is racing  green and on the side is the signature of Steve McQueen.

278 was the number on his bike he was racing. And of course Steve McQueen is ,well, Steve McQueen. The Great Escape. The Thomas Crown Affair . Bullitt.  So all seems right now with the world. What does it for you?  What gives you the excuse to smile and feel all will be fine.  Sometimes it just may be recapturing a memory that comes alive in…well, tonight…a hat.



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2 Responses to 278 in red

  1. sharon 11/02/2012 at #

    That is wild!!! Steve mcQueen was my man in those days!!! When my son was 3ish (20 Years ago), a girlfriend said to me (not knowing that I was crazy for Steve), Brett reminds me of Steve McQueen….this is the honest truth!!! I am smiling..thanks for the memory

    • Paul 11/02/2012 at #

      He is the king of cool

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