4 am, an airport drive and weaving

I heard them from upstairs. One learning how to weave and her older sister reading the instructions and helping her figure this new project out. They sounded like they were back in Elmont , after school, trying to figure out a math problem in some high school home work assignment. It was timeless. The chatter was filled with laughter and joy. They were having  fun learning something new. I could see them as they once were …and still are. Genuine. Authentic.

The next morning as we packed the car , at 4 am, to take big sister to the airport to catch a 6:15 flight back to Ft Laudedale from Denver we laughed most of the way talking about family, commitment and going the extra mile for each other.

Life is so simple when you keep it simple and filled with giving back and caring. Can you find the joy in just a good laugh, recapture a precious moment and never give up the chance to take the 4 am drive to the airport. Such drives are timeless. We were just kids again.

The ageless experiment.



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2 Responses to 4 am, an airport drive and weaving

  1. suzanne 07/26/2012 at #

    Your thoughts brought to mind how little moments, both present and past, can create such a deep emotional connection. It is those moments which often give the most meaning to life and create bonds with the people I love.

    • Paul 07/27/2012 at #

      It is those little moments that linger. They are the sweet spots in a life. Thank you for your thoughts.

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