A bumper sticker from yesterday

As I drove down route 66, the old truck pulled out in front of me. We drove that way for about 5 miles. When we came to a light I noticed the bumper sticker on the rear bumper.
That election was 1960. So the bumper sticker had to be put on before that date. Maybe 53 or more years ago.
More than half a century ago.
I was 14 or 15 at the time.
In 1963 when the assassination happened I was 18 and that was 50 years ago.
The world was different then. So many things that mattered then don’t even exist in our daily life anymore. Typewriter, carbon paper, cheap gas. Rock and roll was still new.
And then the world changed on that November day in 1963.
Time. Events that change the course of lives. A decision that shifts the universe.
A bumper sticker. A moment in time. A half century.
Appreciate this moment in time. Before you know it it will be a bumper sticker on a car.


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