A day of justice

No body gets out of life alive. That is the ultimate truth. The undeniable reality. So since that is the fact can’t you relax into your life…live the heck out of it, take the risk,seize the moment, appreciate the gift you have been granted to be here right now and enjoy the day.

Why not? Why not live the one day you have? The endgame is the endgame.  So be grateful for the now, say thank you, humbly look up and out and do your one life justice.


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2 Responses to A day of justice

  1. Patricia 06/20/2013 at #

    And be thankful for the wise and wonderful friends you meet on the journey, Thank you Paul. You are the best. Many blessings.

    • Paul 06/20/2013 at #

      Thank you. Let the universe hear your voice

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