A drive through America

We have been on the road for three days now.  Left Niwot and headed to Lawrence,Kansas. Then over to Clarksville, Tennessee and across to Valdosta , Georgia . Tomorrow we arrive in Miami, Florida. It is a little over 2,000 miles. What is so interesting about it was  how we just became part of the ebb and flow of America.  We packed a cooler with all kinds of treats and lunches so we could picnic at various rest stops along the way.  We found ourselves laughing at the siimplicitly of it all and how gratifying to have the freedom to travel in this very basic manner.

The hotel/motels were friendly and accommodating. Without any reservations we just showed up around 8 pm each evening seeking a room. Only once we had to search a bit more because there was no vacancy.  You  get a sense of America by traveling this way.  We are a diverse, vibrant, friendly place to live.  By flying you miss America. Yes, it is true it is 4 hours to fly from Denver to Miami and 4 days to drive but you then miss visiting America.

So the next time you decide to travel, consider taking the long way home. You might just discover a part of your story you misplaced years ago. Slow it all  down. Stop rushing.  Enjoy the journey.


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