A friend throughout time

You just never know. You start the day making right turns and then a left turn finds its way in and everything changes. As I write in Hour of the Wolf, life is a constant flipping coin. You make decisions, make choices but everyone else is doing that too. Or a half a inch here or there can change your life forever.
My dear friend was one of the good guys. Decent. Honorable. Noble. Smart. Clever. And there for a friend in a heart beat. My friend was real. Natural. I trusted him with any decision, big or small. He was one of the endangered species. They just don’t make them like him. He looked for solutions, not more problems.
A terrible accident cut his life short. A turn on a ski mountain and things change.
Don’t wait to be with those who matter. Don’t wait to say what has to be said. We are all so frail. Yet we have the wisdom of the ages in us if we just believe. I have his picture. I have his memory. He helped me personally and professionally, without judgement. Thank you for being there for me and my family. I will continue to carry you in my mind, heart and spirit.


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2 Responses to A friend throughout time

  1. sharon marks 02/04/2014 at #

    Hugs… your love and support to Michael have him strength to
    move.forward. . To live and love. I am so grateful to you

    • Paul 02/04/2014 at #

      I loved Michael like a brother. Thanks.

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