A gentle gesture

It  was just so sweet. I mean really sweet. He held his hand out to help her, she took his hand and they held hands the entire way across the street.  Once across they thanked each other and went their separate ways. I watched as this simple moment played out. For some reason small moments like these capture my imagination.

I thought about them each thanking each other. She to him for helping her. But he to her for letting him give something back. He thanked her for letting him know that he still cared about the small gestures of kindness.

But I also thought about the sweetness. You just don’t hear or see that often these days. Sweetness seems so out of date yet that is what is exactly called for now. A little sweetness. A gentle gesture. A helping hand. A giving back. A thank you for letting us show each other our soulful side.  So  think about it today.

Think about where your sweet side is today. Reach out to someone and engage in a gentle moment for no other reason but it puts a smile on your face.

Sweetness is ageless.


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6 Responses to A gentle gesture

  1. Danielle 10/23/2012 at #

    That’s so true Paul!
    Take kindness & benevolence as basis…
    Take frankness & friendliness to heart…
    It’s my daily mantra for the qi gong I do to tap into the universal energy from the heart.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Paul 10/23/2012 at #

      Thank you. A wonderful mantra. Have a great day

  2. Heather 10/23/2012 at #

    we are just a vessel and everyone looks different—so go deeper and see people not what they look like but what kind of person they are—–

    • Paul 10/23/2012 at #

      So true. Dive deep. Thank you.

  3. Chequita 11/19/2012 at #

    Gentleness, kindness, honesty is sweetness that comes from the heart and soul. Such a lovely post.

    • Paul 11/19/2012 at #

      Thank you.

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