A nature walk and innocence

The two of them were so very excited. They started bouncing up and down as we said ….what about a nature walk.  These two 4 year old cousins…each one as precious and innocent as a blue sky on a summer morning, without a cloud in the sky, put their shoes on and were ready to go.

We “marched” single file down the path toward the stream in search of  flowers, twigs, rocks and other things to add to their  “art project” when we got home. The hour was spent giggling, reaching for these treasures and talking about colors, trees and how great a morning it was.

We found everything but a red flower. So later that day we drove to a nursery and walked through it pointing out the red flowers. They each bought one to take home.  They couldn’t stop talking about what a fun day they had searching for nature’s treasures.

What does innocence look like. It is still alive and well in the hearts of a few 4 year olds on a nature  walk. Can you find your inner 4 year old. He or she may be patiently waiting for you .


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2 Responses to A nature walk and innocence

  1. HEATHER 07/26/2012 at #

    Love the story about innocence in two four year olds is so true—-i remember my brother and i feeling the same way when we were youg — wonderful memories

    • Paul 07/26/2012 at #

      There is such a need to simplify and relax into a day of friends, humor and remembering how frail this all is…my sister will always be that little girl on her Sweet 16 loving the moment of family and celebrating life.

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