A new unexpected path

How do you define adventure? Thursday we missed the flight from SF to Taipei. So we needed to reroute and a day later we flew from SF to Seattle then to Taipei then to Cambodia catching a domestic flight to Siem Reap.
30 hours of flying and layovers. But some say an adventure doesn’t start until the unexpected becomes the reality. Once the plan is no longer the plan and the unknown is entered, the journey of awareness truly begins.
Today we woke up at 4 am and experienced the sunrise at a Buddhist monastery. The monk then proceeded to give us a water blessing and tied white sacred twine around our wrists. We wandered the temple grounds and were grateful for living unique experiences.
Don’t fear the unexpected. That is where you might just find the blessing that takes you down a new and exciting road.


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2 Responses to A new unexpected path

  1. Danielle Mastrogiovanni 10/16/2013 at #

    Thank you…I benefit from hearing this today… 🙂

  2. Adrienne 10/17/2013 at #

    You are so right! Sometimes you just need to go with flow and let things unfold (and be able to laugh at all the “plans” you made!)

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