A path to the stage

I couldn’t tell how old they were. Some looked more tired than others but the age was tough to call. What did seem to separate them was the  smile on their faces or not. Some were just so serious. You could tell that they were measuring each word spoken or  each position taken. Some just looked sadder than the others.

Ever wonder what happened to either give the spark of life to a face or the tone of voice or take it away. I concluded that age is a state of mind. It is a sum of our  choices made. Although one decision should not define a life the  sum of those decisions take their toll.

Keep that in mind the next tIme you have to choose. Each choice takes on a life of its own. An alternate path in a life shifts and the  other road or choice vanishes. It gets lost in time and what ifs. But as I looked around the room I realized that some had frowns all the time while others looked content.  Content. What a great word. It is invaluable.

I hope you find contentment today. Just relax. It is your one chance to play this stage. So enjoy the heck out of it.


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4 Responses to A path to the stage

  1. Danielle 09/18/2012 at #

    I will! Thanks for the encouragement! Although difficult at times, it really comes down to choice… I take the smile! 🙂

    • Paul 09/18/2012 at #

      And you have a great smile! The stage awaits you.

  2. Chequita 09/21/2012 at #

    This is the truth in life. Choices change ones path in life. Very well put.

    • Paul 09/21/2012 at #

      Thank you. A sum of our choices indeed.

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