A place beyond time

The twelfth of never. A place outside of or beyond or unrelated to time. It is a great song. For some reason I was and still am drawn to it. Simple. Beautiful.  Haunting. What is meaningful to you. What does unconditional devotion look and feel like.  It is a feeling beyond time and space. It takes you to a world where reason does not control the conversation. Rather a connection beyond the mind is there for the taking.

There are no time pieces to be found. No deadlines. No agendas . Have you ever entered a place, a zone, where time evaporates.  I remember when we danced to that song. Johnny  Mathis sang it.  We were so young. We danced and listened to those words.  Words of being there  till time is of no consequence.  Until the twelfth of never  we would be there for each other.

And so as the years move along the words take on more meaning. Not merely romantic thoughts but thoughts of …don’t fret I am there to be by your side. Sick, health, good, rough  patches. No fear.  The clock will never chime at a time when we won’t be there for each other.

The twelfth of never is an invited guest in the ageless experiment.



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4 Responses to A place beyond time

  1. suzanne 10/16/2012 at #

    Great song and great presentation of the timelessness of a loving relationship

    • Paul 10/16/2012 at #

      Thank you….great relationship know no boundaries. They just are.

  2. sharon 10/23/2012 at #

    You made me smile with tears in my eyes…it is possible, you have to make it so…thanks you!!!

    • Paul 10/23/2012 at #

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, we must seize the opportunity.

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