A timeless choice

McQueen. Steve, that is. What does the very name signify to you?  Some called him the king of cool. Even today, so long after his death, he can be found everywhere you want to find cool…or own story..or unique…or one of a kind.

You know of or watched some of his movies….Bullitt, The Great Escape, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Getaway, to name just a few. What a brand. Think about it. The name triggers a specific , clear, undeniable response.

The brand. What is it? Your brand. What is the first thought that is triggered? It got me thinking about personal clear statements of what a person stands for…or won’t stand for. What you refuse to accept and what you require in your actions and the actions of others. In the end it is that very brand that is remembered.  Just think about it. What qualities are key to you? What image must be totally in focus?

Choices are made. We are the sum of those choices and it step by step establishes our personal statement. Our personal brand. And it is ageless. The essence of you…timeless.


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2 Responses to A timeless choice

  1. Harvey Langberg 01/27/2013 at #

    Lincoln, the lawyer said that a “lawyer’s time is his stock in trade.” It is eveident that your personal reputation, preceeds you. Few want a lawyer’s time if the reputation is shaky. It is your Brand. A marketable personal brand always involves the element of ‘integrity.’ S.M. portrayed characters adhering to a code of moral or artistic values – honesty. That was timeless.

    • Paul 01/27/2013 at #

      Well said my friend.

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