Ageless is the new mantra

Living agelessly simply means to not buy into calendars, clocks or numbers that try to pigeonhole you into some place that makes you feel less because you have been here more. Being here more only means that you have life experiences, wisdom, learned lessons that permit us to go bravely into the day. So what is anti-aging? It is intention. It is attitude. It is making the day at any age or stage in life.

Today we did 150 sledge hammer and 100 hand release pushups in 12 minutes. That was after the warmup and strength skills. The tee shirt said it right…your workout is my warm up.  What is ageless? Trying. Effort. Intent. Belief. Faith. Wanting to be all you can be until you aren’t.  All used up. Nothing left.

Live outside of time. Live outside of age.  Just keep at it.   Ageless is the new  mantra. Spread it. Share it. Talk about it. Be  it.

The ageless experiment.


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5 Responses to Ageless is the new mantra

  1. Harvey Langberg 03/23/2013 at #

    ‘Ageless’ mandates that you go out of your comfort zone. If you stay in that zone- nothing interesting happens. Harvey

    • Paul 03/23/2013 at #

      You are right!

  2. Harvey Langberg 03/23/2013 at #

    ‘Ageless’ mandates that you venture out of your comfort zone. If you don’t step out of the zone- nothing intersesting happens. Harvey

  3. Bruce 03/23/2013 at #

    Perhaps “ageless” is as much (if not more) about attempting to push beyond existing mental/intellectual boundaries as it is about pushing beyond existing physical boundaries?

    • Paul 03/23/2013 at #

      As you do my friend

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