And in conclusion

I have been writing The Ageless Experiment for years now.  I have tried to express the concept that time is the ultimate asset. A gift.

We are a fragile player in this cosmic story.

So… use your finite time here to be kind, give yourself and each other a break from our human frailties.

Laugh more. Dance more.  Sing more. And share the joy of life.

How do you live agelessly?  It turns out to be quite simple…live each day as the unique event that it is.  And understand that you are unique. A unique person living a unique day.  One day at a time.  Ageless.

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  1. Heather Lipton Seidel 01/16/2018 at #

    Paul I will miss reading your blogs——You are so good at understanding—what people go through and how to approach all phases of life—Our parents did a good job——Wish they were hear to see everything— But who knows — maybe they can–but that is life—– Love ……..

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