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A statement

Never before is a personal mission statement required. A  clarity of your meaning. Your purpose. Your why. What you stand for. What you won’t permit.  When everyone else is angry or lost or feels helpless connect to your positive position of life.  A statement.

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Be here now.

You look up at the mountain. You look out over the sea. You gaze as the sun is rising or setting.  Then it finally hits you… the mountain, the sea, the sunrise and sunset need no explanation. They need no help in getting their point across. They simply are perfect just as they are. And […]

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The medium in which we live

Time. The spirit. The soul. The One. This is the medium in which we live. It is not separate from us. It is all around us and an integral part of both us and the world we move through.  It is all one. We are time. We are spirit. We are the soul. We are […]

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The whirlpool

There are times it feels like a whirlpool. It is an out of control pulling down and tossing around sensation that seems beyond reason and logic. Hope seems lost in the mix. It all feels reactionary. But then you connect with one person who extends a hand. Someone who has a calm présence. The why […]

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The mask

In Hour of the Wolf I write about the mask that so many wear throughout the day or even throughout their life. The false front. The coverup of the truth. The unauthentic. After a while the mask covers up honest communication. The mask permits many to live in a world of hurt and harmful conduct. […]

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Courage in uncertain times

I have been writing about courage in uncertain times. The only way to meet today’s challenges is to have a brave heart. The hero’s journey requires courage. We are living in days of uncertainty.  Between natural events or manmade crisis of one sort or another we find ourselves questioning the very fabric of who we […]

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In These Five Breaths

Think about it.  Breath is life. Without breath there is no life. Yet we breathe in and out all day and take it for granted. But without breath life does not exist. And it hits you … with these five breaths life is or is not. In my new soon to be available book there […]

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The encounter

I was sitting on the railing. It was outside   a movie venue in Telluride at the film festival. A staff person came up to me and asked if I was Michael. She than said Michael’ last name.  I looked at her for a moment. My mind was spinning. I said no but that name […]

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A question

A question.  The why.  Time is racing by. The years keep flying by. Yet so many still are not telling their true story. Are not living a life of passion and fulfilled dreams. I spoke with someone yesterday about how so many are just phoning their life in.  Yet I have so many friends who […]

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These days

These days. You wonder will the center  hold. Will the better angels seize the hearts and minds of the people. Hour of the Wolf is that time when you wake up to the challenge. It becomes your individual choice.  How do you define yourself. Are you a hero or a victim. Choose to have a […]

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