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An argument and a shrug

It  made no sense to me. I saw them arguing about something. I didn’t know them but they were arguing loud and in a public place. They each so much wanted to prove their point. It reminded me of some school yard kids squabbling in a sandbox over some plastic shovel. I walked by and […]

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A community of the ageless

Why? Why a community of ageless experiments. Why commit to being part of living outside of what is expected of you to do and living outside of other’s definitions of how you are supposed to behave. It just seems that with all the technology and fancy devises we are more disconnected then ever. Isolation is […]

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High noon and destiny

Sooner or later there is always a high noon. Sooner or later we must face that which causes us the most fear and sleepless nights. Sooner or later, the courage must be tapped into in order to walk down any street in your mind’s eye and know that the ability and courage to withstand the […]

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An ice cream truck and a wooden table

I remember the ice cream truck coming up the street with music coming from some loudspeaker . We rushed into the house to beg for 75 cents or a bit more if we wanted some special flavor of the day. We waited in line to ask for the treat and then took our time eating […]

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The sum of our choices

What has value. What has worth. What is wealth. It gets so confusing these days when 24/7 everything splashes the trivial and the shallow as anything but trivial and shallow. Yet along the way you see wealth in its purest sense. The treadmill seems important when you see everyone on it until you leave the […]

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The morning, the ritual, the gratitude

The importance of the morning ritual. The morning can so easily slip away. Yet , it is the rebirth moment in each life. At night we close the day out but it is the morning when the potential of anything is possible still resides. For me the morning ritual is a vital part of the […]

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The extraordinary routine

I have a good friend who is an amazing photographer. She has the ability and gift to capture every day moments and through her talent uncover the extraordinary in what , so often , appears ordinary. A man sitting on a stool on a side street in Istanbul ,  a bird frozen in time between […]

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A photograph and time travel

I remember seeing Thornton Wilder’s Our Town.  Grover’s Corner was the little town that stays with you.  It got me thinking about life, time and , not days, but minutes in the day.Emily died while giving birth and is permitted to return for one day to “re-live” it. She chooses her 12 th birthday. It […]

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The surprise of a day

  The comment was made innocently enough but ,over a glass of wine, a few hours later we laughed about it all. I said…if someone told you 10 years ago in Miami or 40 years ago in New York that today you would be riding your Harley through the foothills of Colorado over to  this […]

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The invisible weight

The invisible weight. It is that weight that so many carry that can’t be seen by anyone else yet it is the heaviest weight of them all. You see it so often. A person just looks so worn out by constantly carrying some secret or regret or not living their truth.  But once they put […]

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