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A single day and a beginning

Isn’t it time to call a halt to the nonsense. Isn’t it time to shine a light on the nonsense and call it by its right name. It seems as if all the adults have left the room. Maybe that is a good thing since lately they haven’t been doing such a great job.  It […]

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A speed boat, a mountain and the design

The speed boat glided across  Carter Lake. For some reason boating on a lake nestled in the middle of the Rocky Mountains is just a great way to combine two distinct worlds that meet at certain places that nature deems appropriate. Two distinct worlds in graceful harmony. A dance of textures, colors, designs and beauty. […]

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A feather and seizing the day

At what point do we just give ourselves a break. At what point do we embrace our imperfection and even take joy in living our honest errors and personal quirks. When did we let the “judges” and critics have such  a say in who we  are and how we choose to live our life. I […]

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Rain, a bridge and the ride

The Harley made its way over the mountain range and I got to shelter just before the lightning, thunder and rain got serious. The shelter was a bridge underpass. Just sitting on the incline watching the rain seemed to cleanse so many things. I guess it is the simplicity of it all that always attracts […]

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Defining your legacy….your purpose

One of the goals in this ageless experiment is to redefine our own journey and not have some definition or limitation or restriction superimposed on us by anyone else.  We seem to live in a time when everyone is a bit on edge or not feeling safe that the system is working fairly. Maybe it […]

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The effort….nothing left

I sat on the pavement with my back to the wall. The sun was still beating down. My shirt was soaked through. The prowler push high/low was the last part of the workout that tipped the scales to “nothing left”.  An other Crossfit moment. In that odd way it felt great. The idea of “nothing […]

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Red Rock, Arlo and class

Red Rock is about the most perfect spot there can be for a concert. As the sun began to set the sold out crowd rose to their feet to cheer the sole performer walk out. No back up band. No fancy light show or explosions. Just one solo figure who stood center stage and picked […]

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The motorcycle, the moment, the gift

Something about the motorcycle crossing the mountain range that brought clarity to the day. Before , the day was filled with agenda items and to do lists. It was filled with chatter and more chatter. As many people who were talking it still felt like everyone was alone in their own mini drama. Yet on […]

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A nature walk and innocence

The two of them were so very excited. They started bouncing up and down as we said ….what about a nature walk.  These two 4 year old cousins…each one as precious and innocent as a blue sky on a summer morning, without a cloud in the sky, put their shoes on and were ready to […]

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The red jeep and a mountain range

It  was right out of a Rockwell painting. The red jeep was parked at  the ledge of a turnout by the ridge overlooking Estes Park. The snow was on the mountain peaks. The clouds were rolling in for the late afternoon rains.  We stood in front of the jeep and just stared. What does simplicity […]

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