Be here now.

You look up at the mountain. You look out over the sea. You gaze as the sun is rising or setting.  Then it finally hits you… the mountain, the sea, the sunrise and sunset need no explanation. They need no help in getting their point across. They simply are perfect just as they are. And you … we … are part of it all. Look up and out.  Be the mountain. Be the sea. Be the sunrise. Be the sunset. Simply be proud of who you are right now. The past is not you. The future is not here yet.  So be… now.  


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3 Responses to Be here now.

  1. Karen ladis 11/10/2017 at #

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and so many others. Your book is truly an inspiration.

    • Paul 11/10/2017 at #

      Karen, thank you! Great seeing you. I think we connected to the group. Hour of the Wolf.

  2. Heather Lipton Seidel 11/11/2017 at #

    Love what you wrote—Love you

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