Breathing life in

If we were to use a different word would it change the way we live our life?  One word.  The ultimate change.

Instead of saying breath …change it to …life   Since breath is life.  Since we can not live without breath let’s call it by its right name.

Each moment. Each breath.  Beautiful life.

This week I sat with a dear friend. We shared stories. We shared a toast to the coming year.  We shared a moment in time. A breath.  Life.

Happy new year.


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2 Responses to Breathing life in

  1. W 12/31/2017 at #

    Big Hugs!
    To Life and to Love
    Thank you for keeping us thoughtful, mindful, encouraging us all to seek and enjoy the journey.

    • Paul 12/31/2017 at #

      Thank you! A toast to the new year.

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