But where were you before you were you. Where do you go after you are you. It seemed like a simple question yet how to answer it. Who can answer it anyway.
He stared at me and asked it again. Where was I before I was me and were do I go after I am me. I looked down at this 5 year old as we walked up the sandy path to the beach.
Well….I started…then he saw a seagull and was off racing to the water's edge.I followed after and then stopped just to watch him watch the bird.
He was staring at the seagull, I was staring at him staring at the seagull,she was following behind staring at all three of us….me, him and the seagull.
She came up to me and held my hand. I said ..so where were we before we were we and where do we go after we are we.
She smiled,shrugged,pulled my hand and we headed down to the water's edge to watch the seagull along with our grandson.
As we looked out over the horizon, I took his hand and her hand. We stood watching the sunset.
Where were we before…where are we after….
The cycle. The seasons. The harvest. Is it nature's way. After our season of blooming, there is a resting period and then re-birth. Just as the flower. Just as the tides. Just as winter follows fall spring follows winter.
We begin anew.
The sun set and we went inside to plan the next day's adventure.
And the next day came.


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