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Life on a motorcycle

The snow covered the mountain ranges. It was the end of May, but the snow still glistened in the afternoon sun. The motorcycles rode from Boulder to Lyons to Raymond to Nederland to home. What is life without adventure? What is life without risk?  What is life without passion? What is life without the challenge? […]

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Hour of the Wolf is now

Hour of the Wolf/An Experiment in Ageless Living….is now available on Amazon. It is Kindle friendly. I hope it resonates with you. I want to thank all my friends who kept telling me to “write the book.”  Please let me hear from you. We need to have a conversation about living our lives outside of […]

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Amazing effort

What is beauty? What is timeless beauty? Today, it was a Crossfit workout that challenged both of us to exhaustion. Jumping rope. Kettle bell swings. Jogging. Rowing. Hand stand pushups.  Pull ups. Burpees. Squats. So what is timeless beauty? The effort. The climb. The strain. The sweat. The refusing to give in to wanting to give […]

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The peak awaits you at any age

The peak. Don’t think that there is a time restriction on reaching it.  Some hit the peak early, while others hit their stride much later. And some can hit it again and again as they challenge themselves in new ways. So don’t believe that the peak is behind you. Don’t think that there is an […]

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The mountain and the valley in a life

We reached the top of the ridge on the way from Niwot to Crested Butte. At that moment the valley opened before us. A valley of snow. A valley of horses. A valley of nature. Then the drive back up the mountain. Both the mountain and the valley have their own beauty. It got me […]

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Blue sky, blue water and kindness

Where does kindness come from?  Why do some just understand the beauty of giving of their time and effort to help another without any payback in sight, while others are always acting in the exact opposite way. Kindness is such a great quality to have. It makes the rest of the day easy. It lifts […]

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The trapeze bar

We finished the 21-15-9 workout. Naturally, that was after the warmup and the strength set and before the post 100 sit ups.  As we headed out of the Crossfit box I saw the smiles on the athletes faces and the upbeat chatter. The music was still pounding in the background. What are you doing with […]

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Feel the day

The Crossfit workout was intense. That is the way it was built to be. Afterward, we sat having some green tea and reflecting on the morning adventure. It is not complicated really. We just want to feel the day. Feel the exhaustion. Feel that drain and then  feel the rebirth of energy. The key word […]

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The rope climb

I remember being in gym class in school…the early years. The challenge was the rope climb. Climb that rope, touch the ceiling, get back down. Try not to get rope burns. No one wore gloves then so you always “burned” your hands on the rope sooner or later. It was such a test of wills. […]

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Fort Campbell, the Big Red 1 and the road trip

As we pulled into Clarksville,Tennessee we started seeing the signs. Not big glaring signs. Subtle ones. An army uniform. A pickup truck with eagles on it. A lot of American flags. The song The Last Train to Clarksville kept running through my mind. Fort Campbell is close by. The home of the 101. The Big […]

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