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A gentle gesture

It  was just so sweet. I mean really sweet. He held his hand out to help her, she took his hand and they held hands the entire way across the street.  Once across they thanked each other and went their separate ways. I watched as this simple moment played out. For some reason small moments […]

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A loving moment

Time. What a trickster. It takes on a life of its own. It is this bucking horse rising in the air, twisting and turning , hitting the ground and rising again. You think you got a grip on it but it is all an illusion.  You don’t and you never did. So what to do […]

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Swimming in change

I was standing in line at a Starbucks in Valdosta,Georgia. Some times comments just hit you in the most unexpected places. The lady in front of me was ordering her coffee and the girl behind the counter said that she hadn’t seen her for a while. She asked where she had been and what’s up. […]

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Finite meet infinite

The comment keeps swirling around in my mind. It was told to me so long ago yet, as each year goes by, it makes more and more sense to me. “Man plans and GOD laughs”. We  try so hard to control events. We actually believe we can figure it out and plan out the beginning, […]

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The ultimate gift

She. Doesn’t that just say it all. She just makes things clearer. She cuts through the nonsense. She gets to the core of the core. She doesn’t buy into the tall stories. She seeks and requests the simple truth.  She enters the room and the light goes on. I marvel at the authentic quality of […]

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Value and your word

What has value. What has worth. What brings meaning to your day.  It just seemed so clear to me.  It starts with good intentions. The words and deeds mean nothing without the good intentions. How often do we hear the right things said but we just know the positive intention does not back the words […]

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An argument and a shrug

It  made no sense to me. I saw them arguing about something. I didn’t know them but they were arguing loud and in a public place. They each so much wanted to prove their point. It reminded me of some school yard kids squabbling in a sandbox over some plastic shovel. I walked by and […]

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An ice cream truck and a wooden table

I remember the ice cream truck coming up the street with music coming from some loudspeaker . We rushed into the house to beg for 75 cents or a bit more if we wanted some special flavor of the day. We waited in line to ask for the treat and then took our time eating […]

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The sum of our choices

What has value. What has worth. What is wealth. It gets so confusing these days when 24/7 everything splashes the trivial and the shallow as anything but trivial and shallow. Yet along the way you see wealth in its purest sense. The treadmill seems important when you see everyone on it until you leave the […]

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The extraordinary routine

I have a good friend who is an amazing photographer. She has the ability and gift to capture every day moments and through her talent uncover the extraordinary in what , so often , appears ordinary. A man sitting on a stool on a side street in Istanbul ,  a bird frozen in time between […]

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