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When the Doing is Done

The return That’s what he called it. The return. That moment in a life when the doing was done. The acquiring was enough. The being away from the ones you care about the most has taken its course. It is time for the return. Return to being and not always doing. It has been said […]

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What Are You Waiting For?

The day after he died everyone went back to work. The day after he died everyone did all the things they did the day before he died. Yet he took the burden of the day on his shoulders every day as if it wouldn’t go on unless he was there. He managed a milk dairy. […]

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Harmony. That is the essence of what you should be seeking in your day and life. In the life of your family. Harmony. It is not merely musical in nature. Harmony in the gentle hum of a balanced life. Whatever you are doing today…meditating or jogging or spending time with friends and family…or working…find the […]

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My father used to ask… Do you like what you do well or Do you do well what you like. It was always a good dinner discussion growing up. We sat around the dinner table and discussed the day and then he would toss up a question like that. Do you sit around the dinner […]

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What is extraordinary. Sometimes that word is misused. Yesterday we took the Triumph and the Harley out for a ride. Visited a friend. Wandered the side roads of town. Those in cars are truly oblivious to the subtle moments in a ride. They are on iPhones or changing the channel on the radio or chattering […]

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What is your objective. Today. What is your objective. Each moment. Do you have an objective. Or is it just a to do list that you are trying to get through….over and over again. It has to mean more than that. It has to be more than a to do list. We are more than […]

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The sweat dripped off the shirt. The word written across the back of the shirt said BRAVE. Brave. When was the last time you pushed yourself into brave territory. Do you see it during the day? Are we all just playing it so safe? What would brave territory look like. Say what needs to be […]

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What Makes You More?

Something about the prayer flags that touch me. The colors. The gentleness of their movements in the wind. The words embedded in the flags. Just the idea. Prayer flags. A home surrounded by prayer. It brings me back to our last day in the Himalaya mountains. At Namche the Sherpa bowed, wished us peace and […]

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Change. How do you handle it. Change. A shift in a life. We get so comfortable with things but everything is always changing. What is that old line…the only thing that is constant and unchanging is that there is always change. So fasten your seat belt. Grab the popcorn. Let go of stuff and hold […]

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What’s Your Story?

I can’t see his face. He is turned so I only see a profile. His cowboy hat covers his eyes. But he is not a cowboy. His shirt sleeves are rolled up. The fingers of his hands are in his jean pockets so you can still see his hands. They are rough. Used. Weary hands. […]

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