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A speed boat, a mountain and the design

The speed boat glided across ┬áCarter Lake. For some reason boating on a lake nestled in the middle of the Rocky Mountains is just a great way to combine two distinct worlds that meet at certain places that nature deems appropriate. Two distinct worlds in graceful harmony. A dance of textures, colors, designs and beauty. […]

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The randomness of it all

You can plan everything. You can truly believe that you are in control. You schedule everything down to the minute. Finish work by 6. Have dinner by 7:30. Chat with friends and go over the agenda for the next day. You feel secure in how organized you are. But life has a way of throwing […]

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Tipping Points

The wheelchair rolled up to the toy store entrance but did not go in. The aisles were just too narrow and busy for it. He waited by the entrance. I don’t know why it caught my attention but it just did. His grandson ran out the store and yelled about a great toy he found […]

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Your Personal D-Day

D-Day. Here we are on June 6th again. That day of high drama, great hopes, shattering fears and both death and glory. Yet I always go back to each day. How each day we are faced with great hopes, fears, compromise and telling our story the best way we know how. On this special day, […]

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Your Take

A culture. A philosophy. A way of seeing the world. A view. Your take on it all. As we sat sipping wine at the wonderful Villa Mandarin just outside of Fethiye, Turkey, we witnessed a view of life that was so refreshing. First, it was a view of life. Not stuff, possessions, things, acquisitions or […]

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A Call to Prayer

It is the combination, the mixture, the juxtaposition of all the pieces that gets the mind, spirit and soul racing. You hear the call to prayer from the loudspeakers. It is beautiful and compelling. You see the flag waving in the breeze. Red. Crescent moon. Star. You see the crystal clear blue water. The steps […]

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The Five Decisions

We sat around the table at a restaurant overlooking the aegean sea. The Turkish riviera. We just flew in from Istanbul after flying in to Istanbul from the airport a hour away from Capadocia. What a day. How do you end up anywhere. How did it exactly happen. Why us. Why here. Decisions of a […]

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Maybe That is Why I Love the Rain

The rain came down in buckets. It was exquisite. The sky just opened up and sheets of water kept falling. The ground got super soaked. The pool became an eternity pool. The flowers turned their brightest colors. And then, suddenly, it stopped. The sky became empty of rain. Do you remember the first heavy rain. […]

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The Seriousness of a Silent Moment

Can you sit in silence. Can you just let your mind wander aimlessly. Not trying to figure anything out or resolve any issue. Just sit in silence and take it all in. The exquisite moment. Do you appreciate that that silent moment will never be again. You just being with you. No noise. No chatter. […]

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What is the Lesson of Your Life?

So here we are. Back at that college class of your life. The textbook was purchased. The classes were attended. You studied as best as you could. In fact, the class was well attended. The final exam was rough though. The final exam was one question. In bold print at the top of the page. […]

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