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She put on her ballet slippers and went to her first dance class. She loved it. She tried so hard. She laughed. Giggled. And couldn’t stop chattering about it all all the way home. That is what innocence looks like. Pure innocence. Nothing like it. Blinding white innocence. How long does it last. When I […]

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It Goes on Forever

I remember him telling me to look up in the sky. I was probably no more than 7 or 8. It was late afternoon on Long Island in the early 1950s. So I did. My father then said that it never stops. It just goes on forever. That is hard to comprehend since wherever we […]

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Woven Together by Song

Arlo Guthrie took the stage. He introduced his other band members. One was his son. Another was his grandson. The third a friend. Along the way they sang the songs of his dad, Woody, and his friends. Generations. Connections. A shared history. A continuing story. All families and friends have it. He celebrated it. An […]

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Making the Days Deeper

You look around the house. You see the things that you always see but now you really see them and stop and appreciate. Truly appreciate. I see the ceiling fan spinning. Its shadow reflects off the ceiling. It is a hypnotic dance. The candle is lit in the next room. It flickers and casts a […]

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Bird on a Wire

The song is one of the most haunting ones you can hear. It lingers with you long after the last notes. But then again, Leonard Cohen is known for those type musical poems. I thought of it as I watched the crystal hummingbird swaying on the string hanging from the ceiling beam. Bird on a […]

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The Urgency of Now

The report first came in that there was a problem. A serious problem. A life effecting one. How do you respond to such news. The frailty of it all became palpable. For some reason we both shrugged and recognized the inevitability of the inevitable. The next few days were filled with appreciating everything. Literally everything. […]

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Turn Your Waiting into a Dance

The traffic was backed up. The entrance ramp was basically a parking lot. What to do. I heard horns honking. The look of frustration on the other driver’s faces was almost cartoonish in extremes. What to do. I took out a CD , slid it in the player and pumped up the volume. The truck […]

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Do You Confuse Success with Substance?

He really made a difference. He got up at 4:30 am each morning and put in a solid days work. Nothing fancy. The milk dairy plant had to get opened and managed and the trucks had to get on their delivery route. Yes. Milk trucks. Delivering milk, eggs, cream and seasonal products…in December…eggnog. His “uniform” […]

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Being present in your life

January 13, 2010: The Relevance factor: I have often heard the story of people who could not wait to stop the stress of the day…and plan days of recreation( whether the golf community or some other activity), who shortly thereafter deteriorate quickly, lose their edge, or die just a few years after the “joyous” […]

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