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Giving each other a break

We have reached the point where we have to stop blaming, stop excusing, stop pointing fingers and give each other a break. This past week a friend suddenly passed away. A good decent smart caring person. But time does not stand still even for the good ones. It flies by and then you consider the […]

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I took the Harley out. Turned on to 119 heading to Golden. At Route 72 turned right into Coal Creek Canyon. It gets twisty at spots. Switchbacks and curves fill up the miles of riding. Turn right to get to Nederland. That is where I got off to grab some coffee before heading down the […]

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Connecting to the step beyond doubt

The connection between Crossfit and motorcycles is that you must be in the moment. You must commit to your story and your adventure. You need to be present in the now. Risk is part of it. Pushing beyond your comfort zone is part of the day, if you want to live to your full potential. […]

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The test on the edge

The Triumph turned up the mountain road. I kept an easy speed as the bike glided through the back roads on this mountain day. Everything counts at moments like this. Two wheels, speed, twists and turns, gravel here and there and signs that show switchbacks that challenge the rider. You wouldn’t have it any other […]

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What does it for you?

The sun was high in the noon sky. The air was still crisp. I pulled the Triumph over to a vacant building in Hygiene,Colorado. After I got off the scrambler and took the gloves, glasses and helmet off, I sat down on an old wooden bench. After about 15 minutes of watching a few cars […]

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Life on a motorcycle

The snow covered the mountain ranges. It was the end of May, but the snow still glistened in the afternoon sun. The motorcycles rode from Boulder to Lyons to Raymond to Nederland to home. What is life without adventure? What is life without risk?  What is life without passion? What is life without the challenge? […]

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Hour of the Wolf is now

Hour of the Wolf/An Experiment in Ageless Living….is now available on Amazon. It is Kindle friendly. I hope it resonates with you. I want to thank all my friends who kept telling me to “write the book.”  Please let me hear from you. We need to have a conversation about living our lives outside of […]

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Passion, time and motorcycles

The Triumph Scrambler turned onto Lookout Road. The Rocky’s lay before me. The air is crisp. The sky is blue. The bike is humming the way life should hum…smooth, gentle but strong. What exactly is passion?  What does ageless mean? Why a motorcycle?  They are all connected.  A motorcycle says you are still risking in […]

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The peak awaits you at any age

The peak. Don’t think that there is a time restriction on reaching it.  Some hit the peak early, while others hit their stride much later. And some can hit it again and again as they challenge themselves in new ways. So don’t believe that the peak is behind you. Don’t think that there is an […]

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Living the adventure now

Living in the moment. Focused on the now. Being committed to the very day. How hard is that to do? We seem to be always thinking about our next move. Our tomorrow or next week issue. Yet everything is happening in this one moment in time. Life is unfolding second by second. Can we simply […]

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