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Defining your legacy….your purpose

One of the goals in this ageless experiment is to redefine our own journey and not have some definition or limitation or restriction superimposed on us by anyone else. ¬†We seem to live in a time when everyone is a bit on edge or not feeling safe that the system is working fairly. Maybe it […]

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Tipping Points

The wheelchair rolled up to the toy store entrance but did not go in. The aisles were just too narrow and busy for it. He waited by the entrance. I don’t know why it caught my attention but it just did. His grandson ran out the store and yelled about a great toy he found […]

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Seeing Beyond the Bullseye

What is the target. What exactly are you shooting for. What are you aiming to hit. What is the bullseye in the center of your shot. Why did you even pick up the bow and arrow in the first place. Is it about acquiring stuff. Is it about winning something. Is it finding the hidden […]

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The Patchwork of an Unfolding Story

Although the room does not look organized, it is. Although it looks like a mix of this and that, it tells the story of a life and a family. In one room. My eyes move from one spot to another. A smile forms and so does a tear. The shaman drum. I remember the circle […]

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