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The flipping coin

It is as if there is this coin flipping over and over in the air on its way to hittng the ground. Then it hits, bounces around and spins a bit and ends up heads or tails….life or death. Adventure or sameness. Doing or not doing. Being or not being. But the coin is always […]

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A walk through time

A walk. A simple, uncomplicated walk. Maybe a stroll. A stroll through a forest. Or maybe along the beach. How about over a mountain range. Not too hard. Nice slopes. Or warm sand between your toes. Maybe a walk through the mall or down the small town small shops. Not buying anything. No goal in […]

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Camelot and the quest

Can there be a heroic way to live a life especially in a time that seems so unheroic.  The day is filled with such nonsense and triviality. Fame is found by the good, the bad and the terrible on a regular basis.  The media chases after the unusual, even if it is the baddest of […]

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A coffee and a smile

All she said was that it was good seeing me this morning. She had this big smile on her face. She said she just looked forward to me coming in to get the morning coffee. I smiled and thanked her for her kindness. That’s all. But it got me thinking about the simple kindnesses that […]

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The morning, the ritual, the gratitude

The importance of the morning ritual. The morning can so easily slip away. Yet , it is the rebirth moment in each life. At night we close the day out but it is the morning when the potential of anything is possible still resides. For me the morning ritual is a vital part of the […]

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The invisible weight

The invisible weight. It is that weight that so many carry that can’t be seen by anyone else yet it is the heaviest weight of them all. You see it so often. A person just looks so worn out by constantly carrying some secret or regret or not living their truth.  But once they put […]

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A single day and a beginning

Isn’t it time to call a halt to the nonsense. Isn’t it time to shine a light on the nonsense and call it by its right name. It seems as if all the adults have left the room. Maybe that is a good thing since lately they haven’t been doing such a great job.  It […]

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Defining your legacy….your purpose

One of the goals in this ageless experiment is to redefine our own journey and not have some definition or limitation or restriction superimposed on us by anyone else.  We seem to live in a time when everyone is a bit on edge or not feeling safe that the system is working fairly. Maybe it […]

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Tipping Points

The wheelchair rolled up to the toy store entrance but did not go in. The aisles were just too narrow and busy for it. He waited by the entrance. I don’t know why it caught my attention but it just did. His grandson ran out the store and yelled about a great toy he found […]

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Seeing Beyond the Bullseye

What is the target. What exactly are you shooting for. What are you aiming to hit. What is the bullseye in the center of your shot. Why did you even pick up the bow and arrow in the first place. Is it about acquiring stuff. Is it about winning something. Is it finding the hidden […]

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