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Giving each other a break

We have reached the point where we have to stop blaming, stop excusing, stop pointing fingers and give each other a break. This past week a friend suddenly passed away. A good decent smart caring person. But time does not stand still even for the good ones. It flies by and then you consider the […]

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Legacy and meaning

What is our legacy. What is our meaning. To some extent it is told long after we are gone. We live our life. As we live it we write our meaning. Each day our actions create our legacy. Why does it matter? I guess the issue is what do we do with our time. Is […]

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The best thing

The best thing. Of all the things in life what is or are the best things. As time flies by and as events change plans and dreams are realized or shattered what is the best thing. I always go back to the simple moments in life. Your child’s smile or laugh. Your lover’s look. The […]

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Only if….

Only if. Those words are heard so often as time winds down. Only if …is usually followed by… I had done… Or hadn’t done… Or wasn’t so afraid to try…or said what had to be said…or let the nonsense slide away…or…well you get the drift. Only if are usually words of regret. So how about […]

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The flight through what matters

The flight yesterday from Miami to Denver was bumpy, rough, long, and intense at moments as the plane bounced around. Then as we circled over Kansas we were told about delays because of weather but we had enough fuel to make the touchdown. It was dark, overcast and quiet on the flight. It is at […]

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The unassuming leader

His mind was made for things other than what he did. He was creative. He was witty. He was very smart…not just books but life smart. Yet, life had thrown him a curve ball. Between the depression and illnesses, he settled into the routine of 9-5 work at a factory type setting. Important work but […]

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The top

You’re the top! As I drove to run some errands…picking up the Triumph Scrambler…that was serviced, You’re the Top came up on the radio. Cole Porter’s joyful song. From a time long gone, it just hit the spot. Find it and listen to it. It will take you on a journey to a simpler time. […]

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Experience your life

The question seemed simple enough. It was not complex. It could be easily understood. Yet, it caused those who heard it to pause. Reflect. Search. Look puzzled. Smile then try to answer. What are you doing with this crazy experiment that is called your life? Your life. Your one and only. You know the Hour […]

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You can feel it in the air

You can feel it in the air. You just know when it is present. It can’t be described except in terms that are so over used for all the wrong reasons but when it is present it makes you feel better again about our chances to get it right and tell a beautiful story of […]

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Don’t be too busy to live your life

Busy. Thst word seems to be the new mantra. I am busy. Too busy to call a friend? Too busy to be with those who matter? Busy doing what? Busy on what? As your life spins away and time slips by what are you spending it on? Is it something that matters so thst you […]

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