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Hour of the Wolf is now

Hour of the Wolf/An Experiment in Ageless Living….is now available on Amazon. It is Kindle friendly. I hope it resonates with you. I want to thank all my friends who kept telling me to “write the book.”  Please let me hear from you. We need to have a conversation about living our lives outside of […]

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My teachers

Age does not matter. It truly is irrelevant. The proof of that reality is what my grandkids teach me every day. I see courage. Refusing to be stopped in wanting to try anything and everything. They are fearless. They see the world as only possibilities. They want to learn. Try. Seek. Do. Whether learning to […]

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Friendship in the day

Today. It seems to get a bad rap. We so often talk about what happened yesterday. We let it linger with us. Fret over it. Let yesterday live on when we need to let it go. We dream about tomorrow.  Yet, it is today that is real. It is this moment, this day, that calls out […]

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Touching the void

We were so young when we moved into this house. 32 years ago. I remember when we first moved in. The house was abandoned and lonely. It was dark and so desparately needing in light. And we arrived. We walked in and decided to save the house. Slowly we started. Stripping the old wallpaper off […]

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The way we still are

We sat having our semi regular lunch.  Aren’t good friendships the best.  Easy. Simple.Relaxed. Open. Supporting. Fun.  Honest. Respectful and caring. After lunch we strolled over for our Starbucks drink. We sat and the conversation made its way to the great song…The Way We Were. The way we were. Well it got me thinking about […]

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A place beyond time

The twelfth of never. A place outside of or beyond or unrelated to time. It is a great song. For some reason I was and still am drawn to it. Simple. Beautiful.  Haunting. What is meaningful to you. What does unconditional devotion look and feel like.  It is a feeling beyond time and space. It […]

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A bubble popped

Bubbles. They are everywhere. It seems like everyone travels in their own bubble. Some times groups travel in together bubbles. You might think that together bubbles are a good thing but it just appears to reinforce a bubble agenda. A  type of isolation. Bubbles seem like it is a safe place but I just don’t […]

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An imperfect lunch

We sat across from each other at the restaurant. It was a long way from the lunch counter we used to sit at in the early years.  Today it was at a swanky spot with all the bells and whistles that swanky spots are known for. Yet within a few minutes we were just those […]

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Route 66 and the back roads

The red jeep turned off Niwot Road and headed up to Hygiene,Colorado. From there it made its way to Highway 66.  What is it about that road that puts a smile on my  face. Maybe it is remembering an earlier time when the TV show Route 66 was on and traveling around the country  meeting […]

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A community of the ageless

Why? Why a community of ageless experiments. Why commit to being part of living outside of what is expected of you to do and living outside of other’s definitions of how you are supposed to behave. It just seems that with all the technology and fancy devises we are more disconnected then ever. Isolation is […]

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