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A feather and seizing the day

At what point do we just give ourselves a break. At what point do we embrace our imperfection and even take joy in living our honest errors and personal quirks. When did we let the “judges” and critics have such  a say in who we  are and how we choose to live our life. I […]

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The larger story

It seems to me that it has just gotten so easy to get lost in the smallness  of things these days. With 24/7 everything and the various social medias we seem to be captivated by the little nonsense events of the day. It is truly time to call a halt to the nonsense. Can we […]

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A Dollar

He stood there. He was calm and seemed to be a gentle soul. Probably in his early twenties. I had stopped off at the Dunkin Donuts shop for a guilty pleasure on the way home. At the counter the young man was in line before me. Ever just like to witness. To observe. To consider. […]

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Soul of the Earth

Soul of the earth. He stands there with his arms folded looking into the distance. He is looking past the ordinary and into the extraordinary. I don’t know his name. The blanket he is wearing is brown, white and tan. Earth tones. The paint on his face is white and red. His face is a […]

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What If Each Day Were a Do-Over?

Can you let go. Can you tip your hat, so to speak, and just let go. Or must you carry the past with you throughout the present and the future. Letting go. Probably one of the greatest treasures you can receive. Let go and receive your life looking ahead and not in some rearview mirror. […]

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Being in the Moment…Unconditionally

February 8: The wheelchair had been specially designed. There were these huge tires on it. At first it made no sense but then it did. The mother pushed it over the sand toward the water. It didn’t get stuck in the sand. It rolled easily over it and then, amazingly, into the water and floated […]

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Make it Easy

The disease had reached an unbearable point. It was not good for so long but now it was not good and no where else to go but painfully not good. Such a brave soul. Such a strong person. We sat and through the pain pills and the other myriad of drugs we looked at each […]

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Carrying the Mountain

Dangeboche was above the tree line but below first base camp. The ground was hard from the cold. There was the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that the journey had taken us to this remote spot in the beautiful Himalaya mountain range. Isolated but not alone or lonely. The paradox was evident. We were at […]

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Being present in your life

January 13, 2010: The Relevance factor: I have often heard the story of people who could not wait to stop the stress of the day…and plan days of recreation( whether the golf community or some other activity), who shortly thereafter deteriorate quickly, lose their edge, or die just a few years after the “joyous” […]

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