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The passing cars

I remember when I was very young, driving someplace with my parents and my sister, and my mom saying, as each car went by, that in that car was a story. She said, in each car , there was a story of successes, failures, health, illness, first moments and last moments. In each car there […]

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The spinning wheel

Here it is…another moment with the perfect song for that moment. Here we are swimming in change as I wrote about awhile ago and there is John Lennon. Of every great song there could be…the perfect one came on. Watching The Wheels is the song.  To me it is about blocking out the chatter of […]

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The frozen pony

The song has been on my iPhone for a long time. I think I first heard it in the 60s. I didn’t hear it though as a stand alone song. I remember hearing it as I watched the movie…The Strawberry Statement. We were in Cape Cod. It was at the time between law school and […]

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Lost or found

There is this barbed wire fence. It is built high. It is rolling barbed wire spun around wood posts and metal stakes. It is wide too.  Too wide to high jump over. A fall would place you in great harm’s way. The fence separates the present condition from the future possibility. It is there so […]

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A drive through America

We have been on the road for three days now.  Left Niwot and headed to Lawrence,Kansas. Then over to Clarksville, Tennessee and across to Valdosta , Georgia . Tomorrow we arrive in Miami, Florida. It is a little over 2,000 miles. What is so interesting about it was  how we just became part of the […]

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The unknown possibility

Embracing the unknown.  If you keep doing the same thing you probably are going to get the same result.  Maybe not, but the odds are good that same equals same. Yet, if you decide to release the same and walk toward the unknown, the possibilities are multiplied that  an adventure awaits you. There is a […]

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The look up and out

Soul of the earth. That is what I call him.  I don’t know his name. I don’t know where he comes from. For years he has simply stood there, arms folded, looking out over the horizon. The blanket is covering his shoulders. He looks completely content. He looks completely whole. He gives me the sense […]

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The look back, change and a glass of wine

What does change look like.  What does change feel like.  Tonight it looked like and felt like a lone figure sitting at a corner table , back to the rest of the restaurant, facing a big floor to ceiling window over looking a lake. With the storm coming in the water was rough and the […]

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High noon and destiny

Sooner or later there is always a high noon. Sooner or later we must face that which causes us the most fear and sleepless nights. Sooner or later, the courage must be tapped into in order to walk down any street in your mind’s eye and know that the ability and courage to withstand the […]

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A photograph and time travel

I remember seeing Thornton Wilder’s Our Town.  Grover’s Corner was the little town that stays with you.  It got me thinking about life, time and , not days, but minutes in the day.Emily died while giving birth and is permitted to return for one day to “re-live” it. She chooses her 12 th birthday. It […]

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