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The uneven road

The uneven road. It is always there. Life is this uneven road. That is just the nature of the road we travel. Don’t expect a smooth path. Recognize it is uneven for all. Acceptance then permits you to look up, look out and move forward. And time keeps ticking. And the road seems unforgiving at […]

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A choice

There is always this choice. Every moment of every day the choices are there. Kindness or harshness. Bravery or fear. Courage or hiding. Decency or greed. Love or not. The choices go on and on. Every moment of every moment. And each choice defines us. Each decision writes the story of our life. Each choice […]

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He looked at me and said he just saw things differently than others did. I asked him how. He said he just did. He said he saw a bigger picture. He saw a larger story. He saw the beauty in the ordinary. He said he even “felt” time. I inquired as to “felt” meaning what. […]

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The destination

The journey. The destination. They are one and the same. How you live your life each day, how you treat people, the choices you make, the people you help, the kindnesses you share, the smiles you bring to others, the passion with which you experience life…it all is part of the journey, which is the […]

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The horizon

You have this choice. Being blinded by some obstacle and not being able to see anything else or seeking out the horizon. Seeing past the challenge and difficulty and realizing that the sun will set and will then rise again on a new day. A new beginning. A new possibility. A new chance. When darkness […]

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The bank account

It is a simple concept. It is so basic that it doesn’t even register. The bank account. We all have one or more of them. You make deposits. You make withdrawals. You check the balance. You measure what you have. Enough for a rainy day? Enough to buy that special gift? But what if it […]

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Only if….

Only if. Those words are heard so often as time winds down. Only if …is usually followed by… I had done… Or hadn’t done… Or wasn’t so afraid to try…or said what had to be said…or let the nonsense slide away…or…well you get the drift. Only if are usually words of regret. So how about […]

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A safe harbor

There are times when the winds of change are howling or life is just tossing you unwanted situations to deal with. Let me suggest that in life there are times when you might feel adrift. Lost. Untethered. Create your own safety secure harbor. Create the safe place that you can go to in order to […]

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The if only choice

A good friend, who wrote a wonderful review of Hour of the Wolf, asked a question at dinner recently in Miami. Nothing like old friends catching up and enjoying the mutual history of the successes, failures and lessons that are life. Three friends toasting and realizing how fortunate we are. Yes, we all went through […]

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The unassuming leader

His mind was made for things other than what he did. He was creative. He was witty. He was very smart…not just books but life smart. Yet, life had thrown him a curve ball. Between the depression and illnesses, he settled into the routine of 9-5 work at a factory type setting. Important work but […]

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