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What does it for you?

The sun was high in the noon sky. The air was still crisp. I pulled the Triumph over to a vacant building in Hygiene,Colorado. After I got off the scrambler and took the gloves, glasses and helmet off, I sat down on an old wooden bench. After about 15 minutes of watching a few cars […]

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The meaning of our life today

The question was asked in a very matter of fact way…so, what is the meaning of life.  As we thought about it the question was adjusted…what is the meaning of your life. The meaning of one life…one day…your life today. Maybe, just maybe  we can say that the meaning of our life today is how […]

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Hour of the Wolf is now

Hour of the Wolf/An Experiment in Ageless Living….is now available on Amazon. It is Kindle friendly. I hope it resonates with you. I want to thank all my friends who kept telling me to “write the book.”  Please let me hear from you. We need to have a conversation about living our lives outside of […]

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The power of the possible

The power of the possible. As the day winds down I couldn’t help but think about all the “no” I heard in conversations. You know that conversation..don’t try it or it will never work..or they will say no so why even ask….well you get the idea. But ,also I saw some great positive moments , […]

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A timeless choice

McQueen. Steve, that is. What does the very name signify to you?  Some called him the king of cool. Even today, so long after his death, he can be found everywhere you want to find cool…or own story..or unique…or one of a kind. You know of or watched some of his movies….Bullitt, The Great Escape, […]

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My teachers

Age does not matter. It truly is irrelevant. The proof of that reality is what my grandkids teach me every day. I see courage. Refusing to be stopped in wanting to try anything and everything. They are fearless. They see the world as only possibilities. They want to learn. Try. Seek. Do. Whether learning to […]

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A reframing of the narrative

The saying  on the tee shirt said it all. It was perfect on so many levels. I mean there we were on Christmas eve morning, at Crossfit, working out doing the wall balls, ball slams, push presses, snatches and squats over and over and…you get the idea by now. But there we were refusing to […]

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The passing cars

I remember when I was very young, driving someplace with my parents and my sister, and my mom saying, as each car went by, that in that car was a story. She said, in each car , there was a story of successes, failures, health, illness, first moments and last moments. In each car there […]

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The spinning wheel

Here it is…another moment with the perfect song for that moment. Here we are swimming in change as I wrote about awhile ago and there is John Lennon. Of every great song there could be…the perfect one came on. Watching The Wheels is the song.  To me it is about blocking out the chatter of […]

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The frozen pony

The song has been on my iPhone for a long time. I think I first heard it in the 60s. I didn’t hear it though as a stand alone song. I remember hearing it as I watched the movie…The Strawberry Statement. We were in Cape Cod. It was at the time between law school and […]

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