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A nature walk and innocence

The two of them were so very excited. They started bouncing up and down as we said ….what about a nature walk. ¬†These two 4 year old cousins…each one as precious and innocent as a blue sky on a summer morning, without a cloud in the sky, put their shoes on and were ready to […]

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The Patchwork of an Unfolding Story

Although the room does not look organized, it is. Although it looks like a mix of this and that, it tells the story of a life and a family. In one room. My eyes move from one spot to another. A smile forms and so does a tear. The shaman drum. I remember the circle […]

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What Do You Do with the Gift of Time?

You couldn’t really call it a village. It was more a stopping off point on the way to or from Namche. We trekked right past it on the way up but on the way down we set up the tents, sat by the river bank¬†and then spent a quiet night knowing that the next day […]

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Being present in your life

January 13, 2010: The Relevance factor: I have often heard the story of people who could not wait to stop the stress of the day…and plan days of recreation( whether the golf community or some other activity), who shortly thereafter deteriorate quickly, lose their edge, or die just a few years after the “joyous” […]

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